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Prolong CBD Oil Drops

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A resin rich blend of flowers and leaves derived from the entire hemp plant where the most valuable quality cannabinoids are found (you wouldn’t make strawberry jam from the stalks and not the fruit). Perfect for professional athletes to enhance performance. THC free drops ensure its safe use for those who may be tested for drugs or travelling abroad. A professionals choice.

  • A rich profile of nutrients and fatty acids
  • Up to 7 additional cannabinoids than any other CBD oil, each with their own unique benefits
  • +99.5% Pure CBD
  • 0% THC
  • Full Hemp Plant extract from COextracted biomass

Try 2-4 drops directly under the tongue and try not to swallow for 30 seconds. Alternatively add to your favourite drink or smoothie to avoid the natural hemp taste. Add to your favourite face cream or serums for topical use or directly on to the skin for assisting specific conditions where direct penetration will work with localised receptors in your body.