Our Story

We are a team of a mother and son, advocates of saving our planet and proponents of plant-based living. We found a combined enthusiasm for CBD and how it enhances, or even kickstarts a healthy lifestyle.

A music artist and an actress with all our live work cancelled, our industries grounded to a halt due to a pandemic, our future needed discussing. We witnessed first hand what months in lockdown without a job or a purpose had done to our own mental health, our elderly grandparents and of so many others like us.

Stuck in our family bubble we soon turned our focus to feeling better. Purgo means to cleanse, purify or clear away, and so we focused our attention on getting rid of internal negativity and living a life in the present. We have created an online experience, resources and quality products, somewhere you can find help and solace, find solutions to sooth your soul and escape the noise of the world.

We are part of the new wave of educating our audience (in particular the UK) about the benefits of CBD and where it’s heading. Founder, Tommy, a Manchester University graduate and music artist who had to rethink his career plans and Co-Founder, Donna, a 50 year old, mother and actor who had the rug pulled from under feet as her industry came to a halt. Together they have rediscovered their purpose and created Purgo CBD.

We appreciate its still baby steps for CBD in a number of areas of the UK and while we are pretty late to the party compared to other countries, we understand people are confused about its content and potential effects. We only provide organic, premium CBD and we have produced an easy to follow guide to educate you and answer your questions.

We invite you to join this journey and introduce you to a number of exciting products that suit your lifestyle along the way. 

Whether it's to prepare you for tomorrow or recuperate from today, we'll help you Cleanse & Recover.