Welcome to Purgo CBD - we are home to a selection of the industry's highest grade hemp extracts, and more importantly a hub for education, healthy living and mental health awareness.

Purgo CBD UK

We are a mother and son partnership who came closer together after our own personal battles and the necessity to clear our heads. Our shared passion for CBD inevitably led us to a point where we felt obliged to share it. We know it can benefit people from all walks of life and we are open arms to currents users and novices. You can read our full story here.

If you want information on what Purgo CBD could do for you then follow this article here. For more insight into the organic GMO free, supreme quality of CBD we advocate checkout our FAQ’s.

And, while the much needed awareness of personal wellbeing and self care needs spreading more than ever, there are other people and places that desperately need our help. Rather than talking more about us, here’s a list of causes that need our attention right now:
(in no particular order)






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