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Purgo CBD Oil Drops

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Purgo CBD cultivars utilise the strictest, most ethical, organic compliant cultivation methods to create the richest full phytocannabinoid hemp oil available. Unmatched in its purity, efficacy and quality, our CBD attempts to combat changes in the body on a quest to restore balance.

Scientific and clinical research has shown that CBD could impact both our physical and mental health, targeting common complaints including arthritis, insomnia, chronic pain, stress and much, much more. Derived from Full Spectrum Hemp, this unique formula is mixed with MCT Coconut Oil to offer an incredibly pure taste and aroma.

  • USDA Certified, Organic, Non GMO.
  • Increases Immunomodulating activity through the bodies own receptors.
  • For oral use under the tongue, topically direct to the skin or added to a cream or liquid
  • Rich in CBD, CBG and CBC.
  • Fast acting natural analgesic
  • Helps restore balance in the body

Our pipettes are marked with measurements - try 0.5ml directly under the tongue and try not to swallow for 60 seconds. Alternatively add it to your favourite drink or smoothie. Add it to your favourite face cream or serums for topical use or directly on to the skin for assisting specific conditions where direct penetration will work with localised receptors in your body. Suitable for all over the age of 18.

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