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CBD is a compound. It is short for Cannabidiol, it is non psychotropic and is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant species.

CBD oil is where the molecules are carefully extracted via a process of carboxylation (along with other cannabinoids) and added to a natural carrier oil. There is Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate.

CBD is extraordinary because it can interact with receptors both in the brain and throughout the body, many of which are found in the skin and joints. This means that you can both ingest CBD or apply it to the skin. In its natural form CBD is oil soluble, not water soluble, so is usually mixed with natural oils or MCT’s (carriers) which also assists with absorption. This is useful as being oil soluble allows CBD to accumulate in body tissue over time. 

After finding the consumption method you prefer, next consider the strength of the product. Start with small doses to determine what effects the CBD may have on your body. While consuming high doses of CBD is safe, it may be best to experiment and test out your ideal dosage when taking it in the middle of the work day. 

Small dose = approximately half of the recommended serving.

High dose = approximately twice the recommended serving. 

CBD products should list their potency in milligrams (mg), and/or as a percentage strength – this tells you how much CBD is present in the product. An effective level of CBD will depend on how and what you are using the product for - topical (skin) application works very differently to ingesting CBD, so they should not be compared. 

The UK FSA recommends consuming a maximum of 70mg of CBD orally per day.

CBD oil is most commonly sold in 10ml and 30ml bottles, which is why checking the percentage strength is important. A 30ml bottle containing 500mg of CBD is only one-third of the strength per drop as a 10ml bottle with 500mg, so you will need to take three times the quantity to receive the same dose.

Read the labels carefully to get the best value for your money.

We offer a full article on selecting the best consumption method for you and your lifestyle here

Consistency is key, and we suggest taking 1-2 servings daily to allow the extract to gradually build in your system. We encourage you test a variety of times to take your extract and track your performance to serve your individual needs. Remember, it may take up to 5 days of consistent use to begin noticing effects of CBD as your body adapts to our product. 

Not noticing any effects? Don’t worry!
Everyone responds a bit differently to hemp extract, and you may simply need a larger dose than other people, and this is not uncommon. We recommend increasing your dose gradually until you achieve your desired effect, and you can always look at a stronger potency product.

Everything we sell at Purgo CBD is completely organic and vegan. We believe in plant-based living at Purgo and the planet comes way before profit.

Hemp is a bio-accumulator, meaning it sucks up everything in the ground where it grows. This is great if the soil it grows in is organic and nutrient rich, but not so good if it’s grown on land overflowing with toxic waste, or soaked with pesticides. 

Hemp is widely used as a ‘clean up plant’ to help mop up chemicals from contaminated soil. As you can probably imagine, CBD derived from a plant used to absorb pollutants is not something you want to put into your body. Make sure you know the origins of your product before you buy and never opt for a non-organic cheaper option. Your wellbeing is worth so much more than that! 

As with any food supplement, it’s always recommended to talk to your doctor before taking CBD, especially if you are taking medication. CBD is known to be metabolised in the liver by cytochrome P450 (CYP450), a family of enzymes that breaks down over 60 percent of prescription medications and so could increase or decrease sensitivity to other drugs. For example, some possible interactions with blood thinners like Warfarin have been reported. 

The UK Food Safety Agency (FSA) recommends that pregnant or breastfeeding women should not currently use CBD because of the lack of safety evidence for CBD in young children. Similarly, CBD should only be used by adults. 


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