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CBD Inhaler


A selection of the industry's highest grade CBD products

We offer all the education you need on our resources page.

"It took around two weeks for me to really notice a difference, but now I feel so much better and if I don't take my CBD I get cramps and all my symptoms start again. I've used drops before, but the inhaler is great for having in your bag for whenever you need it."

Molly - Activist

"I've been taking CBD a while now and nothing compares to this inhaler! So impressed with how fast it works and very ideal for on the go."

Dave - Business Owner

"Prolong drops are great! I've been taking 2-3 drops to wind down before bed. The drops help me relax, unwind and drift off into an easy deep sleep. I feel so rested in the mornings."

Jasmin - Actor & Yoga Teacher

"Absolutely delighted to have had the first pain free sleep for weeks after using CBD Luxe Be Fire Salve on my knee - would highly recommend Purgo CBD for both their products as well as their advice."

Clive - Business Owner

"I'm on screens all day and struggle sometimes to switch off. These drops are ideal for the evenings and I'm sleeping so much better - thank you!"

Elliot - Web Developer

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